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It only takes a few simple steps to display your Spotted Draft Horse pedigree.

1 Select the number of generations you want displayed in the pedigree. For most printers printing in Landscape mode, 5 generations is the best choice.
2 In the search box below enter the name, or partial name, of the Spotted Draft Horse you are searching for.
  • For more successful searches, please use words longer than 3 letters and omit any 's or s at the end.
  • If the farm prefix contains an s or 's try omitting that as well. For example, if there are no matches found for "Doubletrees Pecos Chief",
    try omitting the s at the end of Doubletree.
  • If you want to find all horses in the database with, for example "Pecos" in their name, just type "Pecos" in the search box.
3 Search Spotted Draft Horse Registry's database. Last updated 15-June-2017.
4 Click the "Search Now" button below to begin your search. The database may be quite large and may take a few moments to load.

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